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Shifting power and equity through trust-based philanthropy

Our Mission

Committed to driving impactful change, the ALKU Foundation fosters strategic collaborations with nonprofits throughout Massachusetts. We champion youth-focused initiatives and women-centric programs, prioritizing equity and societal progress. Our mission is to support and strengthen leaders in the field, using our collective efforts to actively contribute to a more promising, inclusive future for everyone.

How We Work

Joining forces to amplify ALKU’s community impact

This family foundation complements corporate initiatives within the innovative consulting services firm ALKU. The ALKU Foundation builds on ALKU’s Corporate Giving Back program offerings and expands the scope of giving through grantmaking for youth-serving nonprofit organizations across Massachusetts.

meaningful partnerships

Meeting our partners where they work

We practice trust-based philanthropy and believe relationships drive impact. Our model means we strive to reduce the burden for nonprofit partners, making it easier for them to deliver on their mission.

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Funding brighter futures

Our focus areas for charitable giving include youth-serving programs that include mentoring, leadership, education, equality, and social progress, and improving the health of our communities.

We support youth development organizations with budgets under $2.5 million providing direct services to youth across the state.

The ALKU Foundation is committed to supporting a diverse range of programs dedicated to empowering girls and women. These initiatives include facilitating access to education and career opportunities, advocating for equal rights, and providing crucial support for women facing domestic abuse, all with a steadfast commitment to fostering overall gender equality.

If your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that is based in, or doing work in, Massachusetts fits our scope, start a conversation with us.

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